Katie Reinhardt w.


     Influenced by living for over a decade in Latin America, Katie is primarily a colorist. As a trained art therapist working for many years in an adult psychiatric hospital, she knows the power of color to evoke feelings. Katie received her B.A. from the University of Michigan and her M.A. in Art Therapy from NYU. She studied art in both Guatemala and Bogota, Colombia with the renowned artist David Manzur. In 1979, she received a degree in Modern Art Studies from the Institute of Contemporary Art Studies in London. Her visual message is a positive and optimistic one.

    Recently, the influence of Chinese art has begun to permeate her work. After seeing the Imperial Treasures of China exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she has began exploring the many possibilities for reinterpreting and assimilating Chinese motifs in her art. Chinese robes are colorful and provide an interesting background for her still lives. In Chinese culture everything in the universe can be represented by color which symbolized status, authority, emotions, virtue, needs etc. As an art therapist, Katie used art with her patients primarily as a healing process to make them feel better. As an, artist, her objective is to enliven the senses with color and give the viewer pleasure and a sense of optimism and possibility.

Last year, she received a letter from a customer, which seemed to verbalize her intent as an artist.

"Everyone of your paintings make my heart sing. Your splendidly colored flowers cry out, scream out color in the gray of winter. Somehow these paintings shout:

         Life, Live, Enjoy, Believe, See Beauty, Have Faith!"

About the Artist